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Versions: PKB2.5, PB5, PB6.5, PB7, PB8, PB9, PB10, PB10.5, PB11, PB11.5, PB12, PB12.5, PB12.6
The Version is PBVM***.dll’s Version,e.g. PB11.1,11.2 are PB11.0
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1). It can decompile powerbuilder release documents,for pbd, for dll, for exe, compile mode if pcode
2). It supports version 5; 6.5; 7; 8; 9; 10; 10.5; 11; 11.5; 12; 12.5; 12.6; PKB2.5 total of 13 versions
3). Project documentation is lost, recovery use it, works recovery
4). In this demo version of the release of all as a test, to include all the basic version of 5-12
5). Fast way to find objects, find, after expansion; support search keywords, and highlight
6). Support the export sr * files for import into an existing project, also supported PBL library files saved directly attached to the project
7). Support pbw and pbt file export,open with PB-IDE.
8). export using RecoveryDW
9). Support the global properties of all objects and methods of analysis of inheritance.
10). Support for online testing the latest version. Download the file and automatically pops up, point to save the user can download the latest version.
11). New version of the software, a lot faster resolution than before.
12). Provide online technical support, which is rare in other software.
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Technical support using Teamviewer/QQ(UTC 10:00~18:00)
Manual Quick Operational Manual PIC1 PIC2 PIC3 PIC4 PIC5
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1). PBD documents issued on Powerbuilder confusion encryption, support for version 5; 6.5; 7; 8; 9; 10; 10.5; 11; 11.5; 12; 12.5; 12.6; PKB2.5 total
of 13 versions.
2). Disrupt the process, forged objects, forgery function, false events, erase the local variables, function ,parameters, attribute names, built-in logic
traps, programmers custom logic, traps, disrupting some file formats, etc. confusion.
3). Simple, fast processing speed, do not modify the source code, only compiled file processing, after the pre-release testing can be issued by.
4). Confusion to a third party support calls will pbd development. Interface retained, but the code confusion.
5). Support Chinese and English interface display, the system automatically determines the default language configuration language.
6). Renamed PBD file name support.
7). Support PBD objects renamed.
8). Supports string encryption.
9). provide online technical support.

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